Le Festibière de Lévis: Travel into your beer 🍺 🗺

On the menu : the art of travelling and tasting, activities to escape your routine & festive ambiance for the 5th anniversary of Levis’ edition.



We planned some shows to make you travel through music 🎶

Discover the schedule and the artists here!

Casks & special kegs

5 kegs 5 exclusive products openings includins casks for the 5th anniversary of Festibière de Lévis ⚒ Come and have a taste of amazing and unique products with commentary from the beerologist Nathalie Coursin


5:15PM | Keg Opening | Jackalhop | Rassellbock

7:15PM | Cask Opening | Beauregard | Maple Imperial Stout


1PM | Keg Opening | Ras l’bock | Barbe Bière

2PM | Keg Opening| La Mouche | Pompier

4:15PM | Cask Opening | Hopera | Pup Tart Jaune & peppers

6:30PM | Special Opening | Robin Bière Naturelle | Saison du Coteau Bonheur


12PM | Keg Opening | La Fosse | Mojito

1PM | Keg Opening | Nano Cinco | Grisette Hersbrucker

4PM | Cask Opening | Riverbend | La Palé Alé


12:45PM | Special Opening | Maltstrom | 3 barrel-aged products


📍Let’s meet at the Je bois local Bar to discover all those products!

Treasure Hunt

Be a part of our fifth anniversay treasure hunt! Learn more about the microbreweries at Festibière de Lévis through the puzzles and you may win a travelling-inspired treasure👇

PRIZE: A whale cruise with Saint-Laurent VIP lounge access offered by Croisières AML

🐳 Departure from Baie-Sainte-Catherine or Tadoussac


Artsty Roadtrip

Art makes you travel! That will be even more true when the artists from Lucysky Studios will have painted an entire car with their creativity. Why paint on a canvas when you can paint a car? Watch their progress live 👇

  • Thursday | 4PM to 7PM
  • Friday | 2PM to 5PM
  • Saturday | 2Pm to 5PM
  • Sunday | 2Pm to 5PM

Thanks to LKQ for the car instead of canvas for the artists!


Body Art

Keep a souvenir from your trip to Festibière! Whether a spontaneous decision or a planned-out idea, get a tattoo by the Displace Studio team in their specially-converted minibus! 🚍

🎉 Anniversary Tattoo: Stay tuned for the official Festibière de Lévis tattoo!

*Be sure to have another payment method than tokens. 


Beer Museum

Recognize your favorite breweries’ designs on our giant mural! On top of being a perfect way to travel through the art of brewing, this work of art from Lucysky Studios is a nice instagrammable environment for a souvenir picture of you and your friends!


That’s my song! Put on your headphones and dance like the world is ending! Rock, Pop, Électro, Country, let’s go crazy at the Promutuel Insurance Silent Disco.

  • 5 years ought to be celebrated with dancing! Celebrate with us during our live DJs’ performances (schedule below)
  • Doesn’t dancing make you hungry? Promutuel Insurance offers free popcorn next to the Silent Disco🍿
  • Get ready with disco make-up under the Silent Disco’s tent

Travel memento

Thanks to Les Prétentieux’s Photobooth, you’ll get the chance to bring back a souvenir from Festibière home! Bring your friends in our decor and have fun making poses 📸 Nice addition to your travelling pictures!

Quand je réalise que les inscriptions à Sherbrooke sont ouvertes!

Always with my glasses on

Going on an adventure without your glasses…that’s no luck 👓 Don’t worry, Les Yeuxtistes have a giant pair of glasses at Le Festibière! Come take a look at their giant distorting glasses. Laughing garanteed!


Blind Tasting

Analyse taste, smell, texture, and try to guess what’s in your glass. Don’t you worry, our beerologist will be there to guide you through this blind quest.

  • Friday | 3PM
  • Saturday | 2:30PM
  • Sunday | 3PM

Let’s meet at the Je bois local Bar with our beer tasting expert Nathalie Coursin!

1A_vue global

Let's fly to Levis

Come take a well-deserved break on the Ville de Lévis’ swing set. The perfect spot to relax with friends and take in the view with a beer in hand!


« Beer Pairing »

How to perfectly pair your beer? Le Festibière is here to help! We offer the beer pairings to complement the specialties of our foodtrucks.


Je bois local Itinerary

Je bois local wants to put you in the mood for camping through your beer! Discover our thematic recommendations within our exhibitors (ex: Belgians, Italian Pilsners, Mexican Lagers, etc).


You could win a lot by meeting the IGA team 😮

Throughout the weekend, spot the giant beer can on the site and have a chance to win prizes!





Thierry Gomez

4:30PM & 5:45PM

Thierry Gomez

Loïc Lafrance


Loic Lafrance

Amelie No Covers

4:30PM & 5:45PM

Amelie No

Electric Neon Clouds



Fleur de peau

4:30PM & 5:45PM


Super plage



Le Panda

1PM, 2:15PM & 3:30PM




Promutuel Insurance’s Silent Disco: 4 days & 6 live performances with 3 DJs to get you in the mood 🕺

Thursday June 29

  • DJ Shieldie | 7:30PM to 10PM | Silent Disco

Friday June 30

  • DJ ENC |1PM to 4PM | Silent Disco
  • DJ Shieldie |7:30 to 10PM | Silent Disco

Saturday July 1rst

  • DJ ENC |1PM to 4PM | Silent Disco
  • New Bleach (DJ set) | 7:30PM to 10PM | Silent Disco

Sunday July 2

  • DJ ENC |1PM to 4PM | Silent Disco



Massive Collective Art

Leave your mark at Le Festibière! You will find on the site giant letters forming the word “FESTIBIÈRE” which will become a massive piece of collective art, thanks to all our festival-goers. Be creative! 🎨


Wheel of Knowledge

Do you know everything there is to know about alcohol consumption? Test your knowledge with Educ’Alcool’s wheel and you may win prizes!💡


Giant Jenga

Your worst enemy : Gravity! Your mission : Stack all the wooden blocs and take them out without destabilizing the tower. PS: Retrieve the “Encanette” bloc and have the chance to win the contest!

Logo_canette_Encanette (1)


Beer and bean bags come hand in hand at Le Festibière! Whether you play with your family, your friends, or your colleagues, lots of fun on the horizon!


Guess Who?

*NEW* Do you know the game Guess Who? Well we created a giant version for our fifth anniversary! Challenge your friends to recognize important figures on the brewing community.


The party must go on! Je bois local suggests you end your evening at La Cour arrière du Festibière de Lévis!

Discover or re-discover these must-see at Lévis : New water basin, two-level patio, incredible sunsets & Wild Crush as of 7:30PM on stage! Special promos :

  • 15% off provided you show your official glass from Lévis from 7PM until 11PM
  • Free pint with your Je bois local Passport