Le Festibière de Québec: Pure Entertainment

What better way to have fun than to enjoy good cold beers at the Festibière! On the program: musical performances, activities, tastings, games & festive atmosphere 🍺 🍊


We’re putting together a music lineup of 🔥 to get you in the mood…

  • Thursday: Upcoming artist
    Friday: Upcoming artist
    Saturday: Upcoming artist
    Sunday: Upcoming artist

Stay tuned!



Cask Opening


An exclusive cask will be opened and commented by the Je bois local team at their booth. This is your chance to discover a unique product bursting with flavor!

Stay tuned to find out when they’ll be open and what product to taste 👀

IGA food & beer pairing


Come meet the IGA team and taste fresh products in a food and beer pairing formula!

  • Every day until 8pm

Je bois local tour


Be in festive mode with Je bois local at Festibière de Québec!

We invite you to discover a selection of summer themed beers, fruity and sour, including tasteful easy-drinking beers. These beers will be presented to you through a tour among our exhibitors on site.

Stay tuned!

Exclusive barrels
at the Festibière Beertruck


Every day, a new barrel will be opened and available on the Je bois local tap line of the Beetruck du Festibière. Come and taste these exclusive products which will also be commented by our beer expert, Nathalie Coursin.

Beer + food = ❤️


How to perfectly match food and beer! Thanks to the gourmet texts that will be personalized, you will be able to choose a style of beer in harmony with the food specialty of each of our restaurant!

Collective art piece


Leave your mark at the Festibière! You will find on the site the giant letters forming the word “FESTIBIÈRE” which will become a huge collective work of art thanks to the personal touch of all our festivalgoers. Don’t hesitate to share your creativity 🎨


Giant Jenga


Votre pire ennemi dans ce jeu: la gravité!

Votre défi: empiler tous les blocs de bois et les retirer un à un avant que tout s’effondre. Le festivalier qui sera le plus habile pour être le dernier à retirer un bloc sans que tout s’effondre sera le grand gagnant de la partie! P.-S. Assure-toi que ton adversaire ait  un verre bien rempli pour ne pas qu’il utilise ses deux mains!

Mega Twister


L’ultime jeu pour la famille et la fête ! Que vous soyez 2 ou 10, vous pourrez vous amuser simultanément avec ce jeu ! Il vous suffit de tourner la roulette pour connaitre quelle partie du corps vous devenez déplacer. Attention de ne pas tomber, car vous serez éliminé

Agility Game

The classic party game! Whether it is with family, friends or colleagues, throwing some bean bags it’s fun! For adults and children alike.

Laser tag


New* The Laser Game Evolution is the perfect marriage between a 100% laser precision game and an inflatable game. What more could you ask for!  It’s even possible to play in daylight, come and face your best enemy!


The PARTY continues! With our friends from Je bois local, we propose you to finish your evening at a few microbreweries around Quebec City and take advantage of their super interesting promotions for the occasion.

Promotions & discounts here👇

La Cour arrière du Festibière de Québec

5 minutes walk from Festibière de Québec:

  • Free pint when you claim with your Passeport Je bois local

La Souche Limoilou

5 minutes car ride from Festibière de Québec:

  • Free pint when you claim with your Passeport Je bois local


6 minutes car ride from Festibière de Québec:

  • Free pint when you claim with your Passeport Je bois local


6 minutes car ride from Festibière de Québec:

  • Free pint when you claim with your Passeport Je bois local